Our Inspiration

I was in the middle of a snowstorm in New York City in 2014 with summertime on my mind and suddenly I was craving lemonade.

Good lemonade. The issue?
Where was I going to find quality lemonade without the chemicals, fake ingredients and loads of sugar? None of the overly sweet, bottled lemonade at the local store had what I wanted: delicious quality lemonade made with fresh ingredients.
It blew my mind that I couldn't find a real lemonade sold year-round, no matter the season. The lightbulb went off — needed to fulfill the demand for what I wanted because no one was doing it. I decided then and there that I was going to own and operate a gourmet lemonade company that sells wholesome, full-bodied lemonade with seasonal ingredients.

Once I realized that the quality of food and beverage in my local community wasn’t where it should be, I felt compelled to provide a beverage that would enrich mine and those like it.

Fast forward to today and there’s nothing I love more than when someone tries Gourmonade for the first time and is taken aback by how real our lemonade is, how balanced the sweet and tart notes are and the smile afterward once they taste the superior lemonade we offer.
One taste and people recognize that our lemonade is anything but basic. They trust us, they trust Gourmonade. And to me that’s priceless.