We're happy to answer any of your questions! Shoot us an email at hello@gourmonade.com if we didn't cover yours.

Is your store on Valencia open?
Currently it is not. We decided to close due to COVID-19. However, we offer curbside pickup at our storefront on 899 Valencia in San Francisco.

Where do you deliver? 

We currently are delivering in South San Francisco and San Francisco.

How about Oakland?
We don't deliver to Oakland, but we have free pickup at The Libertine every Saturday at noon. Please order before 9 am Saturday.

Is there a delivery fee?
Yes $10.00.

Where do you ship?
We ship everywhere in the U.S.A.

Is there a Gourmonade safe for diabetics?
Yes, our Gourmonade Lite is sweetened with monkfruit which registers as zero on the caloric index.

Is your product good for people with dietary restrictions?
Yes, Gourmonade is gluten free, non-gmo and vegan friendly.

Is Gourmonade made to order?
Yes, our Gourmonade is made when your order comes in giving you the freshest lemonade experience possible.

Do you use frozen ingredients?

Do you use preservatives?
We do not use preservatives. Our Gourmonade is made with fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients.

Where can we buy your product?
Gourmonade is available online for delivery and pick up. Gourmonade can also be found at Malibu Burgers and in Rainbow Grocery.

What type of water do you use?
Triple osmosis water which has a variety of health benefits.

How many lemons are in each bottle?
There are four lemons in every bottle.

What are your bottles made of?
Our bottles are made from recycled plastic.

Do you do special events and catering?
Yes, we cater all events. Please fill out our wholesale form or shoot us an email at info@gourmonade.com.

Do you have bulk pricing?
Yes, shoot us an email at info@gourmonade.com for pricing.